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Additional Guidelines on Quarantine and Isolation Measures


LGUs should assist the Department of Tourism in identifying sites that can be converted into quarantine/isolation facilities.


This should be managed by trained medical personnel who shall receive adequate compensation and hazard pay.

It states that all LGUs shall assist the Department of Tourism in identifying hotels and similar establishments within their area of jurisdiction that may be utilized as quarantine facilities subject to criteria as indicated in the issuance.

It states that LGUs shall finalize the identification and furbishing of provincial, city, municipal, and barangay facilities, in accordance to the guidelines set forth in the DILG Memo Circular No. 2020-064 with subject Provincial/City/ Municipal Special Care Facilities and Isolation Units Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

It states that LGUs shall identify appropriate human resources who may aid the national government in the conduct of contact tracing, assessment, and monitoring of persons under monitoring (PUMs), and persons under investigations (PUIs). Identified personnel shall be entitled with corresponding remuneration and/or hazard pays, based on the guidelines set forth by concerned national agencies.

It requires that LGUs shall conduct disinfection  within their area of jurisdiction.

Memorandum Circular No. 2020 - 067
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