Issuances Summary

Advisory on Proper Waste Disposal

LGUs can ensure compliance on proper waste segregation and proper handling of household health care wastes that are considered as special wastes to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

The EMB-DENR specifically call on households who have members identified as PUI or PUM to prevent any further spread of COVID-19 virus by taking precautions in handling special wastes such as used face masks and gloves in accordance with the provisions of RA No. 9003 and RA No. 6969.

Special Waste (Household healthcare waste)
1. Directly dispose used masks, gloves and tissue in a separate waste bag
2. If available, dispose them in a yellow bag labeled with "hazardous healthcare waste" or "infected waste"
3. Disinfection of used masks and gloves can be done before disposal to reduce the risk of contamination especially to our waste collectors by soaking the masks and/or gloves in a diluted bleach solution (1 Tbsp bleach to 1.5L of water) for 30 mins

Collection & Transport of Healthcare Waste
1. Waste should be collected daily or as frequently as possible
2. Staff should ensure that waste bags are tightly sealed
3. Collection vehicles should be cleaned and disinfected daily
4. Workers transporting and handling the waste should wear appropriate PPEs

Waste Segregation Advisory
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