Issuances Summary

CHED Advisories on COVID-19


The LGU should suspend classes from all levels - including OJTs.


School employees should work from home, except for employees that provide basic services such as salary processing, janitorial services, and security services.

Advisory No. 3
- HEIs based on the assessment of the situation in their localities and exercise of academic freedom should:
- Exercise flexibility in adjusting their academic calendars
- Exercise discretion in the field deployment of NSTP students and allow the conduct of school-based service activities as alternative.
- Facilitate alternative activities to enable students to complete required practicum/OJT hours.
- Deploy available distance learning, e-learning, and other alternative modes of delivery in lieu of face to face learning if they have resources to do so.
- Evaluate students on the basis of available indicators as of this time and forego other curricular activities for the remainder of the semester.

Advisory No. 4
- HEIs that have shifted their academic calendar (i.e. school semester starts in January) need to adjust their semester as needed, adopt different delivery modes of teaching and provide make up classes to compensate for the 30-day class suspension.
- HEIs must work and coordinate with their LGUs if they need to suspend classes, adjust their semesters, or cancel other events within their universities and colleges.

Advisory No. 5 (17 March 2020)
- All classes including OJTs are suspended until 15 April 2020.
- HEI employees directed to work from home except for offices that will require skeletal workforce that will ensure the provision of essential basic services such as processing of salaries, janitorial services, and security services.

CHED Advisory 3
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CHED Advisory 5
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