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DOH Reminds Public of COVID-19 Safety this Holidays

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the public is returning to celebrating the holidays the old way. DOH reminds the importance of continuing with COVID-19 protocols.

LGUs and the public should still monitor and comply with the COVID-19 safety protocols this holiday season.Here are some important reminders for the holidays:

1. Minimize the number of people going to gatherings and make sure all visitors are fully vaccinated. If possible, hold the gathering outdoors for maximum ventilation.

2. Wear facemasks at all times and use alcohol or hand sanitizers as often as possible.

3. Have alcohol and hand sanitizers ready at the entrance so guests can sanitize before entering the premises.

4. Make sure to check for COVID-19 symptoms after the holiday events

DOH reminds the public that COVID-19 has yet to end. Thus we must remain vigilant and continue to uphold our safety.

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