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Establishment of a 24/7 LGU-Operated Kitchen to Ensure “Masustansyang Pagkain Para sa Lahat ng Frontliners”

LGUs can establish and encourage residents to do healthy eating during this health crisis.

The LGU of Cabadbaran released a directive on how much can be saved if the city will establish its own kitchen to prepare and serve the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for all the frontliners and responders and how better will be the quality of the food that is served for them every time they render service in the field in times where the pandemic has been a great cause for concern and proactive actions. Seeing the favorable effects, the mayor directed the city’s Licensed Nutritionist to personally supervise and look at the meals provided and prepared everyday greatly considering its amount, the nutritional benefits and the variations of the viands served so that it will not be boring for those who will be eating them. With the hundreds of thousands of pesos saved from minimizing the hiring or availing the services of caterers, the saved funds can be used for other important interventions to help fight the spread or the entry of COVID‐19 here in the City of Cabadbaran.

Cabadbaran Innovations and Creativity Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis
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