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Health-care organizations call for solidarity amid COVID-19 crisis

LGUs can heed the call of health-care professionals regarding proper COVID-19 preventive measures and apply this in creating ordinances for their city/municipality.

Several health-care organizations call for solidarity against COVID-19 as cases and death tolls rise with the partial lifting of community quarantine measures in the Philippines.

The groups, including the Philippine College of Physicians, Philippine Medical Association, Philippine Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, and Philippine College of Chest Physicians, Philippine Pediatric Society, Philippine College of Occupational Medicine, and Philippine Society of Public Health Physicians, call on the government and the Filipino people to join hands as signs of another surge appear.

In their statement, the groups say “Instead of resorting to and promoting unproven strategies, we must join hands and make sure everyone knows these strategies that have worked in controlling the pandemic in other countries.”

“All sectors—the public, government, business, civil society, faith-based organizations, healthcare workers, and academe—must work together to prevent infections and to save lives while we wait for a vaccine.”

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