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Health-care organizations list down unproven COVID-19 tests and treatments

LGUs can refer to these guidelines when implementing COVID-19 related policies in their communities.

During a video conference on "Health-care organizations call for solidarity amid COVID-19 crisis", medical experts presented COVID-19 interventions that are ineffective in combatting COVID-19.

Rapid antibody test
- A negative rapid antibody test is not an assurance that you are really negative.
- Current widely available COVID-19 rapid antibody tests have limited performance.
- It is hugely possible that you resulted negative but are actually positive, or the other way around.
- A poorly performing test is very dangerous. It has clinical epidemiological, emotional, and economic consequences.
- With current limitations in COVID-19 rapid antibody tests, it is best done and interpreted with a doctor's guidance.

- Steroids are not to be used for all patients with COVID-19. More importantly, steroids should not be used to prevent COVID-19.
- When not used properly, steroids can be harmful for the body.

Traditional Medical Practices
- Risk to cause harm should always be considered with advocating for such practices.

Press Conference
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