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Helping local industries recover from COVID-19 pandemic

LGUs can look for ways to help small businesses in their area recover from the pandemic.

The municipal government of Candaba is helping local industries recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

To help them cope with its effects, the local government bought palay from farmers and eggs from duck raisers which they included in their relief packs.

Instead of buying rice from commercial distributors, the LGU bought palay directly from farmers and have it milled to become rice. The LGU also bought a total of one million pieces of eggs from duck raisers. This way, they were able to provide relief packs to the people, while helping them earn despite the imposed lock downs.

When it comes to the transport sector, the local government made sure that jeepney and tricycle drivers received the aid that is accorded to them from the national government.

They also approved an ordinance waiving daily fees from stall owners and market vendors to the local government.

Lastly, they also partnered with businesses in the town to make economic recovery more inclusive.

Article on Candaba's initiative
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