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LGUs On the Move: Best Practices for Mental Wellness

Read about the mental health strategies among Local Government Units (LGUs) in Negros Occidental, Philippines and how we can learn from their implementation, best practices, and challenges.

1. Prevention, Promotion & Information & Education

LGUs conduct health education to every barangay such as a series of training on handling stress, HIV-AIDS awareness, coping strategies on excessive use of alcohol and tobacco, and implementing rules and regulations on COVID 19. They also conduct series of discussion Municipal Health Office and the Office of the Municipal Social Welfare on mental health service delivery

2. Treatment and Recovery

LGUs provide check-ups and medication to employees with mental problems. They also rolled-out mental healthcare to Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) personnel and rehabilitation services to People with Disabilities (PWDs).

3. Establishment of Institutional Networks and Referral System

LGUs ensure the successful referral of clients to the mental health institutions. They also created a psychosocial team that can support the mental health programs at the community level.

4. Integration of Mental Health in Human Resource Development and Management Policies and Programs

LGUs started to require neuro examination upon entry to service and promotion. They design and manage work processes to mental health through health  screening and  enhancing  personal resilience.

Learn more about the implementation, best practices, and challenges of LGUs through this article.

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