Relief and Assistance

Pahalipay sa One-Time Gratuity Cash Incentive for All Medical and Volunteer Frontliners

LGUs can utilize their social media platforms to share information including updates, assistance programs etc.

It was only during the COVID‐19 Pandemic where all countries in all different parts of the world have unanimously acknowledge the great contribution and heroism of those in the frontlines battling the spread of the Corona Virus Disease and saving the lives of those who were unfortunate enough to have been infected by the unseen virus. All platforms of media and social communication have been doing efforts to recognize and honor the heroism of all those who put their own lives in danger in order to save others and ensure the communities will not be infected nor be infiltrated by the unseen enemy by ensuring that people will stay at home especially during the declaration of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. The Government of Cabadbaran and its Officialdom is fully aware that no amount of money will ever compensate the sacrifices that all frontliners had to go through in order to help fight the spread of COVID‐19 in the City.

Cabadbaran Innovations and Creativity Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis
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