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Pasig conducts simulation of COVID-19 vaccination process

LGUs can conduct simulations of their COVID-19 vaccination process to be prepared when the COVID-19 vaccines arrive.

The Pasig City Government on Tuesday conducted a full simulation of its COVID-19 vaccination process at the Pasig Elementary School.

The vaccination simulation was conducted ahead of the expected arrival of the COVID-19 jabs.

The Pasig City Government targets to inoculate about 60 to 70 percent of the city's population with the simulation of the national immunization campaign. It plans to inoculate about 5,600 residents daily, which will be facilitated by its three teams in 16 vaccination sites.

Representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Department of Health Metro Manila Center for Health Development (MM CHD) were present during the simulation exercises and provided inputs on how to further improve the vaccination process.

The city's transport department, for its part, has planned ahead for the traffic regulations for the vaccination activities.

Aside from the vaccination process, the Pasig Vaccination Team also demonstrated its readiness in terms of emergency response should there be adverse events following the inoculation.  

The city government aims to determine ways on how to make the planned vaccination process more efficient through this full simulation exercise while waiting for the arrival of the vaccines.

The city government earlier signed a tripartite agreement with the national government and the pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca to acquire 400,000 doses of coronavirus vaccines for its residents.

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