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Peer Support Group for the Youth

LGUs can establish peer support groups managed by a trained peer facilitator from the community as an early intervention for mental health promotion among the youth.

LGUs can actively promote and encourage the youth to engage and be part of youth-led peer support groups.

LGUs can institutionalize and provide continuous support mechanisms for youth-led peer support groups by professionalizing peer facilitators in the LGU.

This Health Promotion Playbook for Mental Health provides local government units with ready-to-use tools to help promote and protect a critical determinant of health and well-being: social support among the youth. This present module of the Health Promotion Playbook provides an evidence-based intervention that local decision-makers may find useful for implementation at the level of the community; this intervention may be modified by local governments to more appropriately address the specific issues in the community. Likewise, the components included herein may be modified to local contexts, subject to a needs assessment of LGUs or authorized sub-units.

Peer Support Group for the Youth Playbook
Peer Support Group for the Youth Communication Materials
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