Health Solutions


LGUs can use TanodCOVID to track possible and suspected COVID-19 patients.

LGUs can use TanodCOVID to decide on areas in their city/municipality that needs mass testing.

To use the tracking service:

  • LGU submits a Letter of Intent sa to avail the application service as well as the DOST-PCHRD’s technical assistance.
  • Once acquired and announced to the locality, citizens can now start subscribing to the service.
  • Locals can send text messages to their LGU’s verified mobile number.

How to Report:

  • Register to the service using your mobile number
  • Indicate in your report if you are experiencing any of the ff.:
    a. Cough
    b. Fever
    c. Difficulty in breathing
    d. Diarrhea
    Sample text: REP J.P. Rizal, Nangka, Marikina, A, B, C, D
  • Sending a and replying to a message is free of charge. If symptoms change or if LGU respond, it is highly encourage to send another SMS.

Officials will then call concerned locals to verify the reports and ask for additional information which might help the DoH. Specifically, the TanodCOVID will enable LGUs to access report summaries, visualization, mobile numbers and addresses of those who reported symptoms.

This project is supported by The Asia Foundation in cooperation with the Department of the Interior and Local Government.
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