Community Response

Villagers in Mt. Province Pursue Survival Gardening with Chicken Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

LGUs, especially those from provinces with wide farm lands, can also continue to allow farmers and poultry handlers to continue doing workbut applying new normal protocols.

Mt. Province LGUs decided to continue with farming and poultry to sustain the area's food supply. "It comes with special challenges," says Ms. Faith Pec-ao, and officer at the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO). Still, she and her companions have been promoting both the growing of chickens and the pursuit of survival gardening in their villages. Distribution of the livestock to the beneficiaries is done through the provincial government’s “Free Range Chicken Raising Project”. The growing of livestock in the backyard is part of many rituals. She even explained that free range chicken are easy to care in a family backyard and it does not need high maintenance care. In order to highly respond the province's needs for food supply, everybody was called to respond including Department of Agriculture -CAR, Agricultural Training InstituteCAR, and the Provincial Government Unit initiate the distribution of the said livestock to the farmers.

BLGD Documentation of LGU Practices
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